New York Comic-Con
is the one weekend a year where onlookers gawk at swarms of comic characters, video game protagonists and a slew of other personalities as they walk down the streets of New York City with purpose. Being one of the biggest conventions in the world, the event attracts a massive amount of fans from every genre of fandom that exists.

This year, NYCC was hosted at the Javits Center and included photo ops, a range of acclaimed comic book creators, a swarm of vendors, in addition to exciting panels, which provided exclusive looks at upcoming television and movie projects. But even with all of that excitement, one of the most popular aspects of New York Comic-Con has always been cosplay.

For both participants and onlookers, there’s something thrilling about completely embodying a different person or identity. Cosplayers essentially become the characters they portray: when the Untapped Cities team asked a Captain America about why he cosplays, he responded: “I do it for what it stands for. Captain America is a symbol and people need that.”

Here are 15 great cosplay moments at 2017 New York Comic-Con:

15. Noods With Tyler Posey

While it’s usually attendees partaking in cosplay fun, actors have been known to don a costume here and there for convention events and even panels. This was the case with Tyler Posey’s Nissin noodle superhero costume that he wore at the Noods Before Dark pre-party.

The pre-party was part of the Heroes After Dark event, held in partnership with for National Anti-Bullying Awareness Month.

The event was an invite-only red carpet event but that didn’t stop Tyler Posey, best known as Scott McCall MTV’s Teen Wolf, from donning a noodle sword and having a blast. But Posey wasn’t the only teen wolf at the convention: one cosplayer got down and furry with a rendition of Michael J. Fox’s Scott Howard from the original 1985 movie that the show was loosely inspired by.