Women’s March, 2017. Image via IFPDA 

Now that autumn is in full gear, a slew of exciting events are taking place throughout New York City: one to include on your radar is the 2017 Fine Art Print Fair, hosted by The International Fine Print Dealers Association (IFPDA). As the largest art fair dedicated to printmaking, the event serves as the central pillar for New York Print Week, which takes place on October 23rd – 29th.

“The fair tells the entire story of printmaking, from its origins as the pinnacle artistic technology for the early masters, to its embrace by the pop artists as a democratizing tool in the art world, and a new generation of artists who push our understanding of what a print can be,” says IFPDA Executive Director, Michele Senecal.

Now in its 26th year, the annual Fine Art Print Fair — which arguably presents the largest art-historical span of works in a single fair — will feature 81 exhibitors, each selected from IFPDA’s international membership. Discover treasures ranging from rare masterpieces to modern works by today’s contemporary artists. It all takes place on October 26th – 29th at the River Pavilion, Javits Center (35th and Eleventh Avenue).

In preparation for the event, we curated a list of highlights to check out:

6. Actions: Splashhh Splosh (No. 8), 2012

Splashhh Splosh (No. 8). Image via IFPDA by Will Lytch

American-Swiss artist, Christian Marclay, is known for his sculptures, sound collages and videos, including his critically acclaimed film, The Clock (2010), a 24-hour long movie that presents film scenes where a clock or watch displays a certain time.

Much like his other work, which The Guardian describes as “a sort of inebriated action painting,” Actions: Splashhh Splosh (No. 8) is a contemporary, multicolored piece that features dynamic explosions of acrylic paint with stenciled comic book exclamations.