Here’s what the Untapped Staff is reading in the HQ today:

  • Virtual Vandalism: Jeff Koons’s ‘Balloon Dog’ Is Graffiti-Bombed [New York Times]: The graffiti artist Sebastian Errazuriz doesn’t think the privilege should necessarily fall to technology giants. After Snapchat announced a partnership with the sculptor Jeff Koons that uses augmented reality to place his artworks into famous landmarks around the world, Mr. Errazuriz “graffiti-bombed” the project in protest.

  • MTA May Replace Subway Booth Workers with Roaming ‘Ambassadors’ [6sqft]: Fresh off their announcement that they’ve begun the testing phase of a mobile device scanning and payment system to replace the MetroCard, the MTA has revealed that they’re also considering doing away with the ye-olde subway booth worker.
  • DOT Tests Out New Intersection Design for Protected Bike Lanes [Streetsblog NYC]: DOT is starting to test out bikeway intersection designs that could replace the “mixing zone” treatment the agency has favored for the past several years.

  • Study: NYC Mice are Evolving to Better Digest Pizza [Brokelyn]: The differences were seen as a reflection of the fact that city mice have more diverse and abundant food options than their rural counterparts and have thus evolved to digest it.

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