We at Untapped Cities believe the indulgence of dessert should be a daily activity. That’s why we treat October 14th, National Dessert Day, with the importance and excitement of any other holiday – if not more. For the sweet-tooths of New York looking for a proper celebration, here are are 9 delicious destinations to enjoy National Dessert Day:

9. Philippe

Philippe, a Beijing-styled family restaurant on the Upper East Side, is home to some of the most innovative desserts in the city. Owner Philippe Chow’s most notable creation is that of the Cotton Candy Baked Alaska: strawberry and vanilla bean ice cream covered in meringue, and topped off with a mound of cotton candy. The cotton candy is then soaked in rum and set ablaze, coating the cake with a layer of smoked sugar.

Philippe also serves other inventive desserts like Fortune Cookie Red Velvet Cake, Coconut Pineapple Rice Pudding with toasted marshmallows, and flourless Chocolate Molten Cake with Dulce de Leche and vanilla ice cream. It is the perfect spot to spoil yourself this dessert day.

Address: 33 East 60th Street