Image courtesy of Central Park Conservancy

Central Park is home to about 20,000 types of trees, and now that fall has (finally) come around, those trees will start to change into beautiful colors that create a breathtaking view. To help make experiencing that beauty easier in the vast park, the Central Park Conservancy has created a map for the fall foliage.

The map displays different areas that have certain species of trees from the American Elm to the Yoshino Cherry, and what color those leaves will turn. For example, the Red Maple tree is found at the Pool in the park, and the leaves on that tree will turn red.

The Upper West Side Tree Walk Map. Image courtesy of Central Park Conservancy

Additionally, the Conservancy has created a “tree guide” that details different walking paths for dwellers to explore the park and visit the places these trees are located. One of the trails, the Upper West Side Tree Walk starts at West 97th Street and ends at West 106th Street, with a part of the walk circling the Pool.

Visitors can see tree species like the Hickory (whose leaves turn yellow), Tupelo (whose leaves turn orange and scarlet), Bald Cypress (whose leaves turn bronze and brown) and the Sugar Maple (whose leaves turn orange, yellow and red).

So far this fall has felt more like an eternal summer, but the cool weather and this fall foliage map brings will bring a much needed and welcoming autumn.

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