Untapped Cities founder, Michelle Young, recently came across a quirky find, erected on a fence located on 28th Street and 12th Avenue. Situated right by the West Side Highway, the colorful bridge installation is made of pipe cleaners and other odd bits and parts, including what looks to be WonderFoam. 

Ripped notices made from WonderFoam

The structure was created by @stickntwisted, a street artist who specializes in “all things stick figure.” A bio on his or her Instagram profile states the following: “Re-imaging life from a stick figure’s perspective be it in the form of simple line drawings to pipe cleaner statues and anything in-between.

“Anything in-between” include giant portraits of stick figures, created using Post It notes, and spray-painted illustrations. However, the artist doesn’t just delve in the two-dimensional world: his/her repertoire includes larger scale installations like the model bridge and an entire city block (seen below).

Dafuture is almost done. #stickntwisted

A post shared by All Things Stick Figure (@stickntwisted) on May 22, 2017 at 1:39am PDT

From a distance, the pieces are intricate displays of whimsy and color; up close, they’re even more stunning. From miniature street signs to individually cut strips of “water,” the artist’s attention to detail is obvious in the bridge model. There’s even a blue, “News 3” helicopter hanging above the span, helping to transform an otherwise unspectacular fence into a makeshift canvas.

A notice posted below the bridge reveals the artistic mission behind the installation: “Created for all to enjoy…kindly resist any urges to take pieces for yourself or to destroy or deface. I’d be happy to make one for you. Contact me via Instagram #stickntwisted.”

Another one thanks Con Edison for “supporting street artists and for allowing this installation to be exhibited” at its location. It’s a welcomed addition to an otherwise unactivated site along the highway.

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