In case you haven’t heard, a runaway bull was recently found galavanting around Park Slope after potentially running away from a slaughterhouse. The entire episode expectedly created a Twitter frenzy with hourly updates of the bull’s location and various shenanigans. 

Originally misidentified as a cow, the bull (who now has his own Twitter account) was sporting tags similar to the ones commonly used in slaughterhouses. After escaping yesterday morning, it spent the day sprinting up the streets of Brooklyn and through Prospect Park.

According to a FDNY spokesperson who spoke to Gothamist, a child was treated for an injury after the loose bull reportedly knocked over a stroller. The FDNY, however, has not confirm this information.

As of yesterday afternoon, the New York Police Department was able to surround the bull on one of Prospect Park’s soccer fields. It was later herded into an emergency vehicle and transported to Animal Care and Control on Linden Boulevard. Farm Sanctuary in Watkins Glen — which confirmed that the bull was, in fact, a bull — rescued another runaway named Frank last year. A spokeswoman for the sanctuary issued the following statement:

When a farm animal, like the bull found today in Prospect Park, is found loose in New York City, what you are witnessing is an individual who was so determined to live that they summoned every ounce of courage they could muster to make a dash for freedom. These animals escape from the city’s 100+ live markets, essentially ‘storefront slaughterhouses,’ where they are crammed into filthy backrooms and made to watch as their peers struggle and fight as their throats are slit. The stress and fear that these smart, emotional animals experience is unimaginable. If you were disturbed by what you saw today and were rooting for the life of this brave individual to be spared, please consider honoring the lives of the 10 billion animals who are slaughtered each year in equally horrific conditions by the meat industry by decreasing or eliminating meat entirely from your diet.

Last we heard, the Prospect Park bull — now renamed Shankar — is safe and sound at the Skylands Animal Sanctuary in Wantage, New Jersey. Check out updates here.

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