Photo by Elizabeth Fisher/USA Network

As technology has expanded to where everyone holds a small computer in their hands, so has the scope of war. War is no longer between armies carrying various weapons, war is now online. Soldiers are no longer defined by camouflage or nation’s flag, but can be anyone with a computer and an Internet connection. Hackers, for the most part, have not been shown realistically on TV. They type at speeds that would make Road Runner catch whiplash and their skills are treated more like magic, because audiences aren’t expected to understand hacker culture. Sam Esmail, creator of the USA cyber-drama Mr. Robot set in New York City knows that, so he wanted to make something more authentic.

Here are filming locations featured in Mr. Robot since season 1 starting with the most recent episodes in season 3. For season 2 locations, jump forward here. For season 1 locations, jump forward here

Season 4

It’s the last season of Mr. Robot. Things are not opening well, with Angela at the estate of Philip Price, who is trying to get her to relent against Whiterose. He finally reveals that she’s his daughter but things don’t go well. This is filmed at Mill Neck Manor, a Gilded Age Long Island estate on the Long Island Sound that now operates as the Mill Neck Manor School for the Deaf.