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As technology has expanded to where everyone holds a small computer in their hands, so has the scope of war. War is no longer between armies carrying various weapons, war is now online. Soldiers are no longer defined by camouflage or nation’s flag, but can be anyone with a computer and an Internet connection. Hackers, for the most part, have not been shown realistically on TV. They type at speeds that would make Road Runner catch whiplash and their skills are treated more like magic, because audiences aren’t expected to understand hacker culture. Sam Esmail, creator of the USA cyber-drama Mr. Robot set in New York City knows that, so he wanted to make something more authentic.

Here are filming locations featured in Mr. Robot since season 1 starting with the most recent episodes in season 3. For season 2 locations, jump forward here. For season 1 locations, jump forward here

Season 3

In season three of Mr. Robot, Elliot literally wakes up to a new reality, discovering that the F Society takedown he orchestrated merely made citizens “docile enough for their slaughtering.” The show weighs in on the current political climate, connecting a fictional story to contemporary events.

“They packaged a fight into a product,” Elliot says in a monologue in the first episode of season three which is punctured with footage of Donald Trump, “turned our dissent into intellectual property. Televising our revolution with commercial breaks. They backdoored into our minds and robbed our truth, refurbished the facts and marked up the price. This is what they do. It’s what they’re good at. It’s their greatest trick. Lobotomizing us into their virtual reality show…And this all started because I tried to hide from society, remember? Yeah, well I f***d society all right, I reset it to zero and if I don’t do anything about it, it’ll continue to grow in this malignant way. And that’s what I’m afraid of most. This dark future I’ve set into motion. Who knows what could come from this?” Elliot realizes, he is to blame. This season will be about what Elliot does with this guilt.

1. Cortlandt Alley

Picking up after the season 2 finale cliffhanger, Elliot, who has been shot by Tyrell Wellick is taken to an apartment to recuperate following surgery. Angela is there, under instructions by the Dark Army to look after him. When Elliot realizes what is going on, he hobbles back to his apartment and finds Darlene there, who we assume is now an informant for the FBI.

Elliot needs to get access to the internet so Darlene takes him to a two level, loft hacker space. The exterior of the hacker space is shot on Cortlandt Alley, a popular film location in Chinatown/Tribeca seen in shows like Gotham and much more. This particular stretch of Cortlandt Alley is between White and Warren Street.

When Darlene and Elliot leave the hackerspace, they emerge from the building at 70 White Street, at the corner of Cortlandt Alley.

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  1. Seemed odd to describe Pierre Loti as being at 301 East 52nd Street “in Gramercy Park,” since Gramercy Park is in the 20’s. So, I looked it up. The midtown location of Pierre Loti is 300 East 52nd, far from Gramercy Park. The realtors would probably call it the Turtle Bay area.

    • michelle young Reply

      Hi Scott, that’s indeed an error. 52nd Street is nowhere near Gramercy! 🙂

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