Season 2

1. Extreme Diner

In the opening of season 2, we see that Elliot has moved in with his mom in a sparsely decorated townhouse. He tells us that he is sticking to a strict routine hoping that his father, Mr. Robot, will disappear from his illusions. This routine which includes eating his meals with his friend Leon at the Extreme Diner. The real diner this is filmed in, both interior and exterior is the Paphos Diner at Broadway Junction on the eastern side of Bedford-Stuyvesant, on the border of East New York. In the show, the exterior has been repainted “Extreme Diner.”

There is a fan theory that Elliot is actually in prison and that he’s creating this illusion for himself. Numerous details seem to make sense, most curiously the red phone in his mom’s house that we noted – check it out here.