Season 1

1. Ron’s Coffee

Rami Malek plays our protagonist and narrator Elliot Alderson. He has a number of mental issues and according to him “likes morphine a little too much.” His wardrobe consist of black shoes, black jeans and a black hoodie. He wears his hoodie up most of the time, as if he would rather be confused for a shadow rather than an actual person. He hacks everyone he knows, finding out information on everyone from his co-workers, to his therapist and his drug dealer/lover.

The opening scene takes place at “Ron’s Coffee,” a coffee shop chain owned by “Ron,” real name Rohit Mehta. On the side, he runs a child pornography site which Elliot discovered when hacking Ron, after getting suspicious of his way too fast Wifi in the coffee shop. The scene ends when the police come to arrest Ron.

In real life, Ron’s Coffee is actually Think Coffee on 4th Avenue between 12th and 13th Street.