2. Church Avenue Subway Station

Photo: Elizabeth Fisher/USA Network

Rami Malek plays our protagonist and narrator Elliot Alderson. He has a number of mental issues and according to him “likes morphine a little too much.” His wardrobe consist of black shoes, black jeans and a black hoodie. He wears his hoodie up most of the time, as if he would rather be confused for a shadow rather than an actual person. He hacks everyone he knows, finding out information on everyone from his co-workers, to his therapist and his drug dealer/lover. He is struggling to understand his purpose in life until he meets a shaggy looking man who could easily be viewed as a homeless man. He doesn’t know his name, only calling him by the name on his jacket “Mr. Robot.” Mr. Robot starts talking to Elliot before getting off on the F/G Church Avenue platform in Flatbush, Brooklyn, where Elliot follows him.

One note – Mr. Robot, played by Christian Slater, tells Elliot that they’re “going to Brooklyn,” but knowledgable New Yorkers will know they are already in Brooklyn.