5. Times Square

Even though he is surrounded by people, lights and the advertisements that make up Times Square (three things Elliot usually tries to avoid at all costs), he can’t help but throw his arms in the air in victory. He has successfully framed the CTO of E. Corp, thanks to the encouragement of Mr. Robot, who runs “F Society” a digital-anarchy group. Mr. Robot wants Elliot to have a front row seat to a digital revolution. The showcase of emotion from our protagonist who rarely speaks let alone move is short lived, as he is picked up by large men in black suits, who instruct him to get inside a large black van with black tinted windows.

In a later scene in the first season, when Elliot is fighting his split personality disorder, he comes back to Times Square in the middle of a mass gathering of masked F Society supporters. He cuts the noise in his head and is shown in an empty Times Square. The production team filmed this scene in the middle of the night.

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