6. E. Corp

135 E 57th Street

After a moment of joy, Elliot’s paranoia is taken to its limits as he is driven to this curved building located on 135 E. 57th Street. Besides its curved appearance the building stands out due to the temple like structure which stands at the entrance. This isn’t the first time this building has been used for film purposes, as it was the offices of Spiderman villain Norman Osborn in Sam Raimi’s original Spider-Man film.

7. Trump Soho: E. Corp Boardroom

Inside the offices of E. Corp (which Elliot prefers to call it Evil Corp) he is confronted by Tyrell Wellick, the new interim CTO of E. Corp and his team of lawyers. Wellick is handsome, well dressed, ambitious, happily married and about to become a father. He is also very Patrick Bateman like in the way he views people and even himself. Wellick sees something in Elliot and wants him to become part of the team. This excellent shot of the two most important people in the series is one filled with tension. Kudos to the location scout for finding this place, with windows that offer a view of the city. While we don’t know if this was done purposefully, but through research and some help, we found out that this space is inside the Trump Soho, a hotel owned by Donald Trump.