7. Food Chain Piece, Christy Rupp (1978)

Image courtesy NYC Parks Photo Archive.

Artist Christy Rupp constructed a pair of wire-mesh sculptures in Manhattan’s City Hall Park in 1978 titled Food Chain Piece: Sculpture of Prey and Predator.

The translucent bear shaped sculptures were infused with nuts and acorns to feed the park’s squirrels, merging prey and predator, and giving the piece it’s subtitle.

Rupp’s Food Chain Piece was sponsored by the Daniel Wolf Gallery, and has been described as an “animal behavioral sculpture.”

6. The White House Greenhouse, Karin Giusti (1997)

In 1997, artist Karin Giusti constructed a functional greenhouse in The Battery that served as the home to 50 rosebushes and intermittently held voter registration during its time in the park.

The greenhouse was in the shape of the White House and featured a large image of a dollar bill across the front of the building. The piece was sponsored by the Lower Manhattan Cultural Council and NYC Department of Parks.

The White House Greenhouse was initially constructed in Hartford, Connecticut in 1995, before being installed in New York City, and was designed to represent “the intricate nature of politics, money and the future of our environment.”