3. Lord & Taylor’s Various Sections Sold Toy & Dolls, Art Goods, Plants and More

Today, Lord & Taylor mostly sells clothing and accessories

Although Lord & Taylor as we know it today mainly sells clothes, shoes, and accessories, there was once a time when the retail store sold much more. The Seventh floor, for example, once offered records, music rolls, and even pianos to customers interested in more than just clothing. The store even included a year round toy and doll section, showcasing a 7 x 16-foot tank filled with hundreds of mechanical water toys.

Even further, the tenth and fifth floor sold in-house made candy; the balcony overlooking the street offered flowers and plants, and the store even included a traveling section stocked with the world’s best trunks. Needless to say, Fifth Avenue’s Lord & Taylor was (and is) an extremely versatile store.