2. There Was Once a Children’s Barbershop Inside Lord & Taylor

The Children’s Department today, located on the 7th floor of Lord & Taylor

Along with its various unique products, the Fifth Avenue Lord & Taylor was also home to a Children’s Barbershop, next to the infants’ and children’s department on the fourth floor of the building (and a men’s barbershop on the mezzanine basement). According to a 1920 Dry Goods Economist article, it was so attractive that any child would be “happy to go through the clipping ceremony” to just play in the toy-filled room.

The “Happyland Barber Shop,” operated by “Barber Bill,” boasted see-saws, a crystal maze with fun mirrors, a tower with a slide and a decorative frieze depicting fairytales. Most importantly, instead of seats, children could sit on horses mounted on hydraulic bases as they got their hair cut.