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Toronto has a wealth of striking and iconic buildings that set the scene for the city’s diverse and eclectic history. There is the glorious spike of the CN Tower, the great hall of Union Station, the curves of City Hall and the ramparts of Fort York; all of which compete against each other for the title of Toronto’s most iconic building.

Recent research undertaken by TheRedPin has uncovered the top 10 buildings in Toronto. Each site is integral to the city’s skyline and worthy of a spot on this coveted list:

10. Massey Hall

Photo via pixabay: public domain

The 120-year-old Massey Hall was built between 1893 and 1894, and was a gift to the people of Toronto by the Massey family — hence its name. The patriarch of the family and founder of H. A. Massey and Company financed the hall following the death of his son from Typhoid in 1884. Everyone, from railway workers on strike to temperance advocates, has used this iconic hall over the years.

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