11. FOLD: Golden Venture Paper Sculptures at Museum of Chinese in America

The subject of immigration during a time of heightened anti-immigrant sentiment is the underlying theme of FOLD: Golden Venture Paper Sculptures, being presented by Museum of Chinese in America. The exhibit features unique folk art created by Chinese immigrants detained when their ship, Golden Venture, ran aground off the coast of Rockaway Beach in Queens on June 6, 1993. 286 passengers were detained at York County Prison in Pennsylvania from 1993 to 1997, where they created sculptures of everyday objects and scenes. Reflecting back on memories of home, feelings about imprisonment and the interpretation of American ideals, the artwork that emerged was a surprising new style of folk art called Qian Zhi, or “a thousand papers” — a variation of traditional paper folding.

Included in the exhibit are photographs and archival materials, providing the social and political context of the story, along with a newly produced video chronicling key immigration legislation since the detainment. In addition, related programming will also include a screening series, panel discussions, performances, and workshops to help expand the conversation especially during a time when the world’s population of displaced people is at unprecedented levels.

FOLD: Golden Venture Paper Sculptures will be on view through March 25, 2018 at Museum of Chinese in America, 215 Centre Street.