Image courtesy of Gruesome Gotham

While we’ve have already compiled a list of Halloween events occurring in and around the city, we realize that some of our readers may be looking for spookier ways to spend the holiday. Those looking for an eerie way to celebrate this Halloween must download Gruesome Gotham: an Augmented Reality (AR) app that brings New York’s most horrific and historic crimes to life. This app offers a glimpse into six murderous moments in 19th century New York, allowing users to see the deadly deeds unfold right before their very eyes.

Terror in Tribeca. Image courtesy of Gruesome Gotham.

Firstborn, a NYC-based design and innovation company, designed this app to entertain and inform New Yorker’s about their city’s most chilling historic murders. Beginning this Halloween, the app will bring these crimes to life through a location-based AR adventure shot, reminiscent of the old “Jack the Ripper” crime aesthetic. The app presents a scavenger hunt revealing a map of various murders that occurred in 19th century New York City.

The Doctor is Dead. Image courtesy of Gruesome Gotham.

Each crime presented is based near Firstborn’s NYC office and around the route of the annual Village Halloween Parade. That way, those giddily marching around the city can also gain access into its gorier past. When a user arrives at the scene of the crime, they can use the app to uncover a narrated attack, fight, or imminent murder scene.

Gruesome Gotham essentially transports users to the actual moment of the crime, but without any of the danger. Think of it as a murder-based Pokemon GO, only starring throat-slitting lovers and fatal bar brawls rather than cute, harmless anime figures. Those craving a first look at the app can find a teaser video below.

Some of the specific murders will include:

  • Gore in Greenwich: a brutal umbrella eye-stabbing left victim Michael Healy, with a lost eye and punctured brain. The attacker pushed the umbrella through his eye socket, penetrating his skull and later killing him. The attacker fled the scene before anyone could catch or identify him, never to be punished for his crime.
  • The Doctor is Dead: another unsolved murder of Dr. Burdell, who was found strangled and stabbed 15 times inside his office on 31 Bond Street. His wife was first charged with the murder, but later found “Not Guilty” in court. This brutal, violent case remains a mystery.
  • Terror in Tribeca: In 1856, Bartholomew Burke was found dead inside 378 Broadway. His throat had been slit, his body stabbed, and his forehead smashed in. The unknown killer left a trail of blood behind him that proved he walked slowly from the scene of the crime, unfazed by what happened just behind those doors.

Image courtesy of Gruesome Gotham

The Gruesome Gotham app is free to download for iPhones 6s or above with the latest iOS11 update. It can be downloaded on the app store or directly at via the Gruesome Gotham website. There is also a special unlocked version of the app to demo for those who cannot visit the NYC map locations in person.

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