In addition to providing free Wi-Fi, charging ports for phones and amusing fun facts, LinkNYC kiosks have a new added functionality. Through a partnership with New York City’s Department of Records and Information Services (DORIS), LinkNYC will program its kiosks to display historic photos of New York City’s neighborhoods.

CurbedNY notes that the images will be specific to the neighborhood they are located in. However, some will feature photos on the very same street the kiosk is installed on. This new feature will serve to educate pedestrians on the rich history of New York City.

“LinkNYC now allows you to travel back in time with localized historic photos, bringing the Department of Records and Information Services’ rich digital collections to the streets for everyone to enjoy,” Jen Hensley, the general manager of LinkNYC, said in a statement. “We hope New Yorkers and visitors alike will delight in seeing snapshots of New York City history and feel more connected to the city.”

LinkNYC kiosks were first introduced to the city in 2016. Today, over 1,100 units can be found across all five boroughs. The kiosks also have Wi-Fi capabilities, USB charging ports, access to city services and maps, as well as the ability to make free phone calls.

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