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  • Photos: The Best Halloween Costumes On The NYC Subway, Round 1 [Gothamist]: New Yorkers take their Halloween celebrations very seriously, whether they’re dressing up their dogs, their police precincts, or their levitating speeders. As we love to do every year, we sent inexhaustible photographer Sai Mokhtari down into the tunnels of Manhattan and Brooklyn to capture all the costumes New Yorkers donned for Tuesday night’s Halloween celebrations.
  • The New York Wheel could need 3 million visitors annually to break even [CurbedNY]: It’s been a rough year for Staten Island’s $590 million observation wheel. In May, construction on the 630-foot attraction was halted when developer New York Wheel LLC cut loose design-build team Mammoet-Starneth for allegedly walking off the project. Since then, the project has been “indefinitely delayed” and while the developers are allegedly in “advanced negotiations” to lock in a new contractor, construction remains stalled.
  • Happy Birthday, Astor Place Cube [CurbedNY]: One of New York City’s most iconic pieces of public art—and heck, one of its most iconic landmarks, period—is celebrating a big milestone this month. The Astor Place Cube (formally, named Alamo) became a permanent part of the NYC streetscape in 1967, when it was gifted to the city by an anonymous donor. It’s been the focal point of Astor Place, and a gathering spot for students, teens, and other assorted misfits, in the years since.
  • The Cursed History of NYC MetroCards [Gizmodo]: On Monday, the finance committee for New York’s Metropolitan Transit Authority approved a plan to phase out the MetroCard by 2023. The three-decade-old system is to be replaced by new technology that will enable riders to tap their phones or debit cards at the turnstiles.

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