2. Avocaderia

Photograph by Karem Vallejo. Courtesy of Avocaderia

Deemed the world’s first “Avocado Bar,” Avocaderia serves dishes inspired by a diverse arena of food types, including Mexican, Japanese, and even Egyptian. However (as you may have inferred from the eatery’s name), every dish contains avocado, in some shape or form. Your options range from toasts and salads to bowls and smoothies — each made with raw ingredients and prepared with non-invasive cooking techniques such as sous vide.

Avocaderia promotes avocados as vital to healthy eating, since they contain 250 mg of potassium, nearly 20 vitamins and minerals, and a daily does of fiber in each 50 mg serving. This is definitely one of the healthiest and most unique restaurants in Industry City, and one certainly worth the visit.

Location: 254 36th Street, Brooklyn, NY