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  • Smash Your Pumpkins with the Parks Department This Weekend [Brokelyn]: Anyone can awkwardly stuff a half rotten pumpkin into a trash can, or even more awkwardly attempt to pulverize it within your limited living space, but this Sunday, November 5, the NYC Parks Department invites all those in possession of an actively souring pumpkin to come destroy it in style in Carroll Gardens.

  • The Roles of Men and New York State in Women’s Suffrage [New York Times]: On Nov. 6, 1917, a century ago Monday, signals beamed from The New York Times Tower proclaiming the results of a state constitutional amendment granting women the right to vote.
  • Madison Equities Offers to Rebuild Jane Jacobs–Developed Housing Complex—If Luxury Units are Included [Crain’s NY]: Residents of West Village Houses, a 420-unit affordable housing complex developed by Jane Jacobs in the 1970s, are considering a proposal from Madison Equities to rebuild 42 buildings across seven sites into a mixture of luxury and affordable apartments in what would be a massive development for the low-rise neighborhood.
  • Barbara Kruger’s New Skatepark Art Has Skaters Flipping Out [Bedford + Bowery]: Have you ever wanted to land a nollie heelflip on an art installation? Maybe you can’t skateboard (like me), and would simply prefer to enjoy the artwork as a work of cultural commentary? Either way, Barbara Kruger’s latest work, Untitled (Skate), is on display at the Coleman Skatepark under the Manhattan Bridge, now through Nov. 19.

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