Although we live in a city with a world-renowned skyline, most of us New Yorkers rarely have the opportunity to see our complex metropolis from above. Thankfully, photographer Dinesh Boaz is presenting “Closer,” a series of eight aerial photographs, which he managed to compile from helicopter flights above New York and Los Angeles. His work will be on view at the W Hotel in Union Square starting today.

“Double Contact” showcases Pier 6 of Brooklyn Heights Park, New York. Photo by Dinesh Boaz.

Part of a limited edition series, Closer NY|LA is a “photographic exploration of the urban oasis.” This will be the first New York show for Boaz, a native New Yorker who was born in India (and has deep roots in Sri Lanka).

In capturing these images, Boaz described his studio as “up in the air in a doorless helicopter,” where vantage points and perspectives constantly evolve depending on banking turns, light conditions and what’s happening on the ground.

Photo of LAX – ‘Everywhere we go’ (not on view tonight). Photo by Dinesh Boaz.

“Night Shots” of Los Angeles. Photo by Dinesh Boaz.

“I have sought to explore what it means to live in the chaos of city life and how getting ‘Closer’ to the urban oasis has helped me in my own outlook on why I can’t get away from being in the city,” says Boaz about his work.

“…I have come to the realization now it is ok to feel the tension of living life in an urban setting — for when one can find the counter of dramatic calm of the ‘urban oasis,’ truly great ideas, change and inspiration can happen for you.”

“Lucky in Love” taken in Hudson River Park, New York. Photo by Dinesh Boaz.

“The Affair” taken in Montauk, New York. Photo by Dinesh Boaz.

“No Driving” taken in West Hollywood, Los Angeles. Photo by Dinesh Boaz.

The “Closer” series launches today, November 8th, at the W Hotel – Union Square at 6:30pm. To enter the venue, use the Studio Club entrance on East 17th Street between Irving Place and Park Avenue.

The event will include a DJ, in addition to complimentary beer and prosecco. More information here.

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