3. Tootsie Rolls

The very first Tootsie Roll was first created in 1884 by an Austrian immigrant named Leo Hirschfeld. Prior to his move, Hirschfeld worked as a candy maker in Austria, focusing on affordable hard candies rather than more expensive chocolate products. Once he and his family were settled, Hirschfeld opened a candy shop in Brooklyn.

The Tootsie Roll, however, was actually not originally a product of his candy shop. He first began making the delicious treat for his young daughter out of simple ingredients he had in his house: cocoa, butter, sugar, and milk. When she requested the sweet, Hirschfeld would reply, “Yes, my Tootsie, I will make you some candy.” He quickly realized the potential of his creation, and began selling it in his store. Hirschfeld wrapped each candy individually, writing “Tootsie Roll” on the outside of each wrapper.