The 2017 Rockefeller Center Christmas tree will arrive to today! This year’s tree is a Norway Spruce, 75 feet tall and over 12 tons, that hails from State College, Pennsylvania. It was sawed down on Thursday and will arrive by flatbed truck and be installed in the usual spot at Rockefeller Center, then decorated with 50,000 lights and a Swarovski star.

It comes from a resident’s backyard, and according to NBC News, “Erika Pauze, the head gardener for Rockefeller Center, said Thursday that she saw this year’s tree while driving nearly seven years ago and was quick to ask if the owner was interested in making his backyard evergreen the most famous Christmas tree in the world.”

Last year’s tree was actually almost 20 feet taller but the trees are selected, more importantly, for symmetry, fullness of growth and lack of damage. The first Rockefeller Center Christmas tree was put up in 1931 by construction workers and the first official, lighted tree went up in 1933.

The tree arrives by flatbed truck each year, here is a shot from 2014:

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