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Good news for all you commuters out there: Mozilla Firefox is giving out free ferry rides (with coffee and donuts no less) between November 14 and 16. In order to celebrate the launch of its new web browser, Mozilla is graciously giving the commuters of Brooklyn a free, and ridiculously fast ferry ride into lower Manhattan. The trip will take an impressive 13 minutes, starting from Greenpoint Terminal in Brooklyn to Pier 15 in Lower Manhattan. If you’re used to taking the regular ferry, you’ll shave 10 minutes off your commute; additionally, if you’re one of the poor souls who’s stuck on the subway every morning, it’ll feel like you’ve gone into hyperdrive as the ride will be a whopping 30 minutes faster.

When used as an alternative to a regular subway trip, it’s almost like you’re making money. If a commuter uses the service for the three days it’s available, during both the 7am-11am morning ferry and the 4pm-7pm return trip, the ferry will save you $16.50! Plus, with the addition of free donuts and coffee, how could you say no?

Why is Mozilla doing all this for free? Well, the fact is that the New York City subway system can sometimes be a little lacking, slow and inefficient. Mozilla is trying to do what it did with its web browser: provide a safe, ridiculously fast, independent alternative to the, let’s face it, slower and less efficient alternatives. Do yourself a favor and get a free, stress-free commute for the next couple of days — even if you’re only in it for the donuts.

Next, check out the New York Transit Museum’s Panel Discussion on Transportation and the NYC Ferry. 

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