Here’s what the Untapped Staff is reading in the HQ today:

  • Unwrapping a New York Mystery: The Fluctuating Deli Sandwich Price [Bedford + Bowery]: What I meant to say was, “Lettuce?! Who puts lettuce on a bagel?” But what I said instead was, “Sure.” That’s when I learned about a nefarious subterfuge being perpetrated on bagel lovers at deli counters across New York City.

  • What Will It Take to Bring Spring Creek Back to Life? [Curbed NY]: Out on the shores of Jamaica Bay, one of the city’s most important salt marsh habitats is hidden away behind miles of fences and acres of municipal facilities.

  • Why Can’t People Stop Touching Museum Exhibits? [Atlas Obscura]: You’re walking through a museum when a piece of art seems to call out to you. Maybe it’s a bowl, smooth and detailed with shiny gold leaf. Maybe it’s a statue of Venus, her hand outstretched. You walk over to this enticing object. You lean in as close as you can. Why is it so tempting to just reach out and touch it?

  • Second Phase of Penn Station Track Work Will Not Bring a Winter of Hell [6sqft]: Amtrak announced on Monday its plan for the second phase of track renewal projects for Penn Station, set to begin this winter. Between January 5 and May 28 of next year, there will be continuous single-track closures, affecting Amtrak and commuter train operation at the Midtown transit hub.

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