It’s been a long time coming, but Anthony Mangieri, the king of Neapolitan style pizza, is bringing his famous Una Pizza Napoletana back to New York City. Mangieri will be partnering with Contra and Wildair’s Jeremiah Stone and chef Fabián Von Hauske Valtierra to reopen his restaurant this Spring, 2018. Mangieri relocated to San Fransisco almost eight years ago, and the anticipation for the return of his Neapolitan pizza has been rising ever since.

Mangieri opened his first Una Pizza Napoletana in 1996, in Point Pleasant, New Jersey. He then moved it to the East Village in 2004, where the restaurant ruled the neighborhood for roughly five years before relocating to San Fransisco in 2010. Despite the more, Mangieri retained his cult-following of pizza lovers, popularizing Neapolitan-style pizza throughout the United States.

The fourth iteration of Mangieri’s restaurant will be located at 175 Orchard Street, between Stanton and Houston, maintaining the Una Pizza Napoletana name. As always, Mangieri will work on-site, making each pizza himself with Italian flour and tomatoes. The owners are currently debating whether to have an oven built on site or actually imported from Italy.

Von Hauske Valtierra and Stone will be working on smaller dishes to accompany the pizzas, utilizing their innovative style of modern Italian cooking. Von Hauske Valtierra specifically will be preparing Italian desserts like gelati, and other classic sweets. The restaurant will also provide a wine list, which will include a variety of natural wines from Italy. While Mangieri will stick to pizza, their contribution will focus on bar snacks: things like cured meats, cheeses, and other cold dishes all made with ingredients imported from Italy.

Although the chefs met only a year ago, Stone claims to have been a fan of Mangieri’s work for years. Luckily, Mangieri’s desire to move back to New York to be closer to his family could not have worked out better for the business. The trio formulated their partnership, found a space, and plan to open this upcoming spring. The restaurant will be open five to six days a week, maximizing access to Mangieri’s famed Neapolitan pizza, and the new additional fare.

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