Jimmy Fallon is known for his antics around New York City, particularly his penchant for disguising celebrities as buskers at the 47th-50th Street subway station (remember when Miley performed “Jolene” there?). This time around, he recruited singer Adam Levine and guitarist James Valentine of Maroon 5 to help him sing the 1980’s Queen hit, “Crazy Little Thing Called Love,” and “Sugar.” 

The video above, which was posted to the “Tonight Show” YouTube page on Tuesday evening, shows the trio (with the help of a bucket drummer) wearing hats, sunglasses and stylish outfits. Fallon is singing, and seen rocking the tambourine and harmonica. Even from the onset, a group of commuters gathered around the group to enjoy the music before Fallon finally revealed their true identities:

“We’re gonna do one more song for you guys, but first I’d just like to say hello. My name is Jimmy Fallon and this is Maroon 5. Give it up New York, New York,” he yells to an excited crowd. Expectedly, flocks of normally unaffected New Yorkers rushed to the platform, effectively turning the subway station into a stage for a spontaneous concert. How’s that for a weekday commute?

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