7. LIU Post Consists of Three Gold Coast Estates

Many of LIU Post’s buildings formerly served as homes for the wealthy before they were converted into classrooms and office buildings. In fact, the campus is comprised of three Gold Coast estates: the Winnick House; the Fine Arts Building, formerly owned by famous Wall Street broker, Edward F. Hutton; and Lorber Hall, used by students majoring in a variety of subjects, including Accountancy and Business.

Of the many Instagram-able sites of LIU, the Winnick House is definitely one of the most photogenic. Now the administration center for the Post campus, this Tudor-revival once served as home to Marjorie Merriweather Post, who threw so many parties at the estate, she may well have inspired The Great Gatsby. Whereas royals, celebrities, and other notables of New York in the 20s all came to the Winnick House to party late into the night, students now have the far more boring administrative tasks housed in the building.

Of course, the Winnick House was not always known as the Winnick House. In fact, it was only recently in 2004 that the mansion gained its new title. After receiving a large donation from alumni and multi-millionaire Gary Winnick (‘69), the school decided to renovate Ms. Post’s house and declare it the Winnick House in honor of the man footing the bill.