6. LIU Gave Kermit The Frog A Degree

While some grads have received commencement addresses from famous businessmen, celebrities, and politicians, few are lucky enough to have a frog as their commencement speaker. In 1996, LIU invited Kermit the Frog to deliver the commencement address for the graduating class of its Southampton College, well known for its “green” environmental studies program. Kermit of course accepted and showed up to the ceremony dressed in his own cap and robe. During his speech, he thanked the students on behalf of all animals for their dedication to saving the environment. “It’s not easy being green,” he said, “but a global movement now wears your color proudly.”

The school also granted Kermit an honorary doctorate of amphibious letters — the very first of its kind  — for his work calling attention to environmental issues. The muppet proudly accepted the award and promised “to hold regular office hours, put new magazines in [his] waiting room, and to make late-night house calls regardless of [students’] health plan coverage.”