10. “Premonition” at Lever House on Park Avenue

The beautiful art space at Lever House on Park Avenue opened its doors for a new solo exhibit by Brooklyn-based artist, Reginald Sylvester II, entitled Premonition. The exhibition introduces eight acrylic works on canvas, and a series of oil-crayon sketches set on a unique setting of chain-link fences. The setting portrays the artists sense of imprisonment, and the “state of the world today…evoking a dystopian future that leaves the viewer with a hostile foreboding and disheartening feeling of what is to come.” Colorful, figurative paintings reference not only biblical scripture, but also events we see in the news today, delving into contemporary themes such as identity and youth culture.

Premonition will be on view to February, 2018 at Lever House, 390 Park Avenue, between 53rd-54th Streets. While you’re there, check out Rob Fisher’s City, 2017, located in front of the Lever House.