Earlier today, we reported that the MTA is giving the opportunity for commuters to give in-person feedback about its newest class of R211 subway cars, which will feature open gangways. Prototypes cars are now stationed on the mezzanine of the West 34th Street-Hudson Yards station, and the MTA is currently offering tours to the public. We recently paid a visit and snapped some photographs of the forthcoming fleet. Take a look at what’s to come:

Blue, white and yellow exterior 

In addition to the “open gangway,” which will be featured as a pilot program in some initial R211 cars, important updates to take note of include the model’s 58-inch door span (eight inches wider than standard doors), the digital displays that provide real-time information about service and stations, new grab rails and aesthetic updates, such as the addition of safety and doorway floor graphics.

The articulated design of the car, which incorporates corrugated rubber connectors instead of doors, is expected tol increase passenger capacity and reduce crowding by allowing commuters to ride in the gangway between cars. The MTA plans to introduce the new cars for testing beginning in 2020.

New double grab railings and floor graphics; flexible route strip map also seen

End-of-seat grab rail and horizontal, ceiling mounted grab rail; door alert light

Fold up seats for wheelchair parking

Flexible information display

Door alert light and emergency intercom

Articulated cars

The prototypes will be on view from Thursday, November 30 to Wednesday, December 6. Head to the 7 line subway station mezzanine at 34th Street-Hudson Yards between 11am and 7pm on weekdays and 10am to 5pm on weekends to see the new car design and its various features up close. Staff from the MTA will also be present to take questions and hear feedback from visitors, who can either fill out surveys (on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday) or share their thoughts through Twitter (tweet @MTA or @NYCTSubway), Facebook at the MTA New York City Transit page or the MTA website. The feedback will be shared with the car’s designers and the Car Equipment Division of NYC Transit.

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