The second week of December brings a bit of joy, horror and discovery to New York City. Here are our top event picks for the adventurous:

Friday, December 8th

The roots of some of the most recognizable works of art  — from the Alice In Wonderland sculpture in Central Park to the Fiorello LaGuardia statue in LaGuardia Place –— are actually hidden in plain sight in the Modern Art Foundry, housed inside the former carriage house of the famous Steinway Mansion. Join us for a behind-the-scenes tour of this fascinating mecca for sculptors, where artistic visions become realized in metal by a passionate team of craftsmen.

Behind-the-Scenes Tour of Modern Art Foundry

Saturday, December 9th

The story of Grand Central Terminal is that of New York City itself: the structure embodies the social, cultural, economic and technological evolution around it. It is one of great men, feuding architects, ingenuity, rejuvenation, secrets and surprises. On this tour, we will tell you these stories — about what once was, what could have been, and what can be; about the struggle to save and restore Grand Central as a preserved icon of the past, and of challenge to ensure that it serves New York’s future.

Tour of the Secrets of Grand Central Terminal

Do you love cats? Do you love films? Then the 1st Annual Cat Film Festival is the perfect match for you. The film festival aims to enhance our appreciation and understanding of the cats who share our world, while benefiting local animal welfare groups and saluting those who work and volunteer on their behalf.

Sunday, December 10th

Support local artists and shop for holiday gifts for friends and family at the Queens Museum. The Winter Holiday Market will have 50+ vendors selling original crafts, designed crafts, as well as food!

Learn the unique histories of seven historic sites in Queens during the Historic House Tour by the Queens Historical Society!  One ticket is the key to all seven sites, and many of the houses will have musical performances throughout the day, holiday crafts to make, and historically-themed seasonal displays and decorations.

Did you think “ugh” when you saw the Cat Film Festival? Don’t worry, there is also The Dog Film Festival for everyone who thinks dogs are human’s best friend! This film festival highlights canine-themed films from around the world that inspire, educate and entertain about the human-canine bond.

Did you know that Central Park was once the site of a former African-American village? Or that it was previously home to an infamous casino, where alcohol flowed throughout the Prohibition? For almost 160 years, Central Park has been the green heart of the city, serving as a pastoral haven for New Yorkers and visitors alike. Learn about the genesis, design, and evolution of the immense green space, while uncovering its many outrageous happenings, scandals and more.

Secrets of Central Park Walking Tour

Monday, December 11th

Trappist beers are considered “holy” within the beer world as there are only eleven monasteries in the world that brew them. This one of a kind beer class will include a sampling of 10 beers from 10 different monasteries.

Network and share aspirations for a sustainable future with dreamers, planners, and makers of green roofs in urban spaces. Dreamit Ventures and AgTech X brings together experts from all fields to discuss the technology of green roofs at The Future of Green Infrastructure discussion.

Arts Brookfield is bringing back its winter wonderland. On Monday (5pm-7pm) and Tuesday (12pm-1:30pm), it will host its ice carving spectacular, Grace-ful Ice: Sea Life at the Grace Building (42nd St. Avenue of the Americas).

Tuesday, December 12th

At Yuletide Terror, you’ll experience chilling tales of this usually festive and cheerful holiday season. As part of the celebration of a book release, there will also be screenings of horror films surrounding Christmas.

Wednesday, December 13th

Award-winning historian, Robert Watson, introduces his new book, The Ghost Ship of Brooklyn,  at the Brooklyn Historical Society. Uncover the stories of the survivors of HMS Jersey, a British prison ship moored in Wallabout Bay off the coast of Brooklyn during the Revolutionary War.

Thursday, December 14th

Passionate about New York City transit, or just transit in general? The TransitSlam brings in selected presenters to talk about their chosen transit topics in given exactly 6 minutes. They must complete their presentation in 20 slides at 18 seconds a piece! Presenters will have to compete for audience support by providing the most entertaining and educational presentation.

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