2016 was the warmest year on record. New York City is still recovering from the impact of Hurricane Sandy, which hit the eastern seaboard in 2012 – with most of the damage sustained through sea level rise. Sustainability takes many forms –from environmental impact to affordable housing to mass transit initiatives to architectural design and much more. Untapped Cities’ new sustainability column will address all the initiatives that are making cities more livable, and we’re excited to announce this new column in conjunction with the release of a new interactive film “Home: Your Film About Your World” by the Danish green energy company, Ørsted.

Enter three words in the video to describe your home to fill in these blanks: “Home is my _____”, “Home is where I feel ______,” and “Home should be ______.” Based on your answers, a video will populate using your words showing the dichotomy between what home may be for you and what it could become, or is already for others. The video shows that although 80% of the global energy production comes from fossil fuels today, for the first time in history now, green energy is cheaper than black due to advances within green energy technology.

Ten years ago, Ørsted began to transition from a black to green energy company, reducing its coal consumption by 73% since, and fully divesting from its upstream oil and gas business in 2017. The company supplies 25% of the offshore wind energy production in the world, which powers 9.5 billion people. The company aims to increase this number to 30 million people served by 2030. Ørsted believes that a world running entirely on green energy could become a reality and the video is part of a global message.

Create your film at loveyourhome.orsted.com