Image courtesy Icy & Sot 

Fences are seemingly becoming a popular choice of canvas for artists. Earlier this year, Ai Weiwei presented a multitude of installations as part of his newest exhibition, “Good Fences Make Good Neighbors.” Now, Brooklyn-based artists ICY (born 1985) and SOT (born 1991), two brothers from Tabriz, Iran, are debuting their latest piece: a site-specific intervention installation, created for The Lot — an independent radio station spinning out of a reclaimed shipping container in an empty lot in Greenpoint. Head to 17 Nassau Avenue tomorrow from 2pm to 6pm to see the work live and party with the creative minds behind it (more information here).

If you’re not already familiar with ICY & SOT’s oeuvre, here’s a closer look at their body of work, which includes sculptures, video, murals and creative installations. The duo started creating stencils in 2006 — and since then, their work has been on display globally. They have contributed largely to Iranian and international art culture by touching upon topics like human rights, capitalism and a variety of other social and political issues.

According to their website, “…they transcend their histories of artistic and political censorship by using public art to envision a world freed from borders, war and violence.” Learn more here.

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