The holiday season in New York City inevitably brings about a multitude of Christmas trees — from the renowned Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree to the scrappy looking stocks being sold on the sidewalk. But if your Christmas tree isn’t quite as alluring as you want it to be (despite your best decorating efforts), you’re in luck. Thanks to a tree farm in New Jersey, you can now buy a Christmas tree in varying shades of pink, purple, snow white, magenta, turquoise, and other colors of the rainbow.

Wyckoff’s Christmas Tree Farm, located in Belvidere, New Jersey, lacquers its trees using a latex based paint that’s actually been specifically formulated for Christmas trees. The result is a fun, festive take on an old holiday tradition. Because the trees are sold on a first-come-first-served basis, Wyckoff’s sold out in just a few weeks after the first sale date last year.

Wyckoff’s actually started out as a full function farm back in 1839. That year, Simon Wyckoff purchased 172 acres of land, and started a self-sufficient farm that lasted for four generations. These 172 acres have now become the Christmas tree farm, which was established in 1958 by John W. Wyckoff Sr. (the fifth generation of Wyckoffs), who started planting fir and pine trees, including 1,000 Norway Spruce seedlings. Almost ten years later, the first eight trees were harvested, two of which were used by two Wyckoff families; the others sold for $5 each.

Today, Wyckoff’s remains a family-owned farm, but it only sells Christmas trees. The colored versions sell out fast, so you might want to go sooner, rather than later. In addition, the farm also sells regular firs, and you can even cut your own tree.

Wyckoff’s Christmas Tree Farm is located at 246 County Road 519 (Mile Marker 39), Belvidere, NJ 07823. For hours of operation, or more information, please check out its website,, or call them at 908-475-4508. 

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