As a major cultural hub, New York City is known for its innovation and technology: in a past feature, we documented some of the quirkiest ATMs (Automatic Teller Machines) we’ve come across in the city, including the immensely popular Cupcake ATM and the Gold ATM.  Now, we’re spotlighting inventive vending machines that are popping up across the five boroughs.

From machines that dish out bike parts to ones that serve freshly squeezed orange, vending machines now offer a range of items beyond bags of chips, candy and beverages. Here are 10 of the most diverse ones that you can find in New York City.

7. Makeup Vending Machines

Image via Wikimedia: Martin Lewison

The airport is an ideal location to plant a vending machine that sells makeup. After all, travelers never know when they might need to freshen up in between layovers. According to InStyle magazine, Benefit has installed Glam Up & Away Beauty Kiosks at 30 airports across the United States.

John F. Kennedy Airport is home to one such machine, which even has its own dedicated Yelp page. According to Yelper Amanda A., it’s a “lifesaver” that sells both full size and travel sized items for people on the move. Additionally, there’s also a Sephora machine that is packed with skin, hair, and makeup staples.

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