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  • Soho gets an all-volunteer ‘neighborhood improvement district’ to clean its streets [Curbed NY]: Well, here’s one way to enact change in your neighborhood: Soho activists have raised enough money to establish a nonprofit—which they’re calling a “neighborhood improvement district”—to help clean up trash in the area. Residents were fed up with litter on the sidewalks and overflowing waste baskets, “despite funneling millions into city coffers from its astronomical sales and property taxes,” as a press release puts it.
  • The Urban Lens: The surprising beauty of Sunset Park’s Sims Municipal Recycling Facility [6sqft]: The beauty of trash is not often lauded, but out on the Brooklyn waterfront, at Sunset Park’s Sims Municipal Recycling Facility, the process is oddly mesmerizing. En masse, the glass and plastic shards processed in the building’s bowels become a disposable rainbow, the sharp shapes of residential recyclables a testament to the mesmerizing aesthetic of large-scale sustainability.
  • MTA’s incoming transit president is ‘convinced’ the system can be fixed [amNewYork]: The buses are slow and the trains are delayed, but the next head of the city’s mass transit network says he’s stepping into his “dream” job.
  • MTA’s new fleet of subway cars plagued by mishaps [Curbed NY]: The models are known as the R179 and they’ve been developed by the Montreal-based company Bombardier. The MTA has already shelled out $600 million to buy 300 new cars, and began testing a batch of eight on November 19.

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