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As much as New Yorkers complain about the reliability of the subway system, most of us can’t live without it. Regardless, it’s no fun having subway car doors close in on us, and it’s even more aggravating waiting for a train to pull into the station. Although a combination of apps have somewhat mitigated the issue, like the subway itself, they aren’t entirely reliable. Luckily, arrival clocks are available in some stations, giving commuters somewhat of an idea of when a train is coming. And as Brokelyn reports, they’ve now got their own iOS app called Underway NYC.

Underway NYC offers the same information as the MTA’s Subway Times online portal does, instead in the form of an app. Without having to log onto a website, commuters can now check out service statuses as well as current arrival times by line and station, which are conveniently plotted on a subway map.

Most of the lines — 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, L, Grand Central Shuttle and Staten Island Railroad — already have arrival data, but some of the other lines, as Brokelyn notes, is available as “beta” data for now.

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