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  • How will the NYC Ferry fare with winter weather? [6sqft]: Now that winter seems to have New York City in its cold grip, you may be wondering how the weather is going to affect the NYC Ferry, which quickly became a popular alternative to the issue-plagued subway since its May launch. “Weather and precipitation are a big driver of whether people decide to take the ferry or not,” said Paul Lambson, head of rider success for NYC Ferry. “We’ve seen a little drop off.”
  • NYC’s first elevated train and the world’s first streetcar began in Greenwich Village [6sqft]: Greenwich Village is known as the birthplace of many things – the modern gay rights movement, Off-Broadway theater, the New York School of artists and poets, the “new urbanism” pioneered by Jane Jacobs, among many other trailblazing firsts. Less closely associated with the Village, however, are radical and transformative innovations in transportation technology. But while little known, the Village was in fact home to the first elevated rail line, and the first streetcar.
  • First Look at the L Train Shutdown Plan and Where DOT Will Add Busways and Bike Lanes [StreetsblogNYC]: This afternoon the MTA and DOT released the contours of their plan to keep people moving during the 15-month L train outage west of Bedford Avenue, while the MTA repairs tunnels and tracks damaged by Superstorm Sandy. It’s the first real public showing of a replacement transit service plan since Gothamist broke news of the L shutdown nearly two years ago.

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