We have a penchant for things that are the wrong size. While bigger is generally perceived to be better, we’ve discovered that great things often do come in small packages. Take for example, the smallest KFC in the world, which recently made its debut on December 16 in Portland, Oregon. 

At a quick glance, this tiny KFC, once stationed at 919 NW 23rd Avenue, seemed like nothing more than a playhouse — but lo and behold, it did indeed serve poultry. In fact, it was offering free, $5 fill-up boxes, complete with miniature versions of staples like fried chicken, mashed potatoes, biscuits, Dr. Pepper and cookies. Those eager for a peek inside had to lay flat on the ground to look through the front door, where a giant hand would hand over the finished meals.

Unfortunately, this itty-bitty restaurant was a one-day pop-up, crafted by the marketing geniuses at KFC. Nonetheless, it’s taken the social media world by storm, leaving us normal sized beings waiting for the next miniature iteration of our favorite fast food joints.

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