3. The Revolutionary War-Era Cannon

This cannon, which is thought to be 230 years old, has a dramatic history. It was used on a British ship which sank, and was then submerged in the East River for decades. It was salvaged and anonymously donated to the park on October 10, 1865, around the time of the Civil War. After being moved to various places around the park, it was eventually installed at Fort Clinton in 1905. There, it remained on public display until 1996 when the Central Park Conservancy decided to bring it indoors to protect it from vandalism. In January 2013, workers were cleaning it when they found it was fully loaded with gunpowder and a cannonball. It was ready to fire this whole time.

The gun powder has since been removed, and the cannon is now reinstalled. Read more about the cannon’s history and conservation process here.

Where to find it: Fort Clinton is located at 107th Street, close to 5th Avenue.