The holidays aren’t over just yet! With New Year’s Eve quickly approaching, we’ve rounded up a few exciting activities taking place this weekend and next week. From exclusive, behind-the-scenes tours to a virtual playlab, here’s what’s in store:

Friday, December 29th

Join an exclusive New York Adventure Club tour of Eclectic / Encore Props, New York City’s largest prop company where collections of antiques, furniture, and accessories are for rent.

Explore New York’s first ever chocolate museum this weekend! Choco-Story New York is offering self-guided tours inside its 5,000-square-foot space, where visitors can learn about the history of chocolate, try some samples, see a bon-bon making demonstration and more.

Saturday, December 30th

Take a ride through the living history of the world’s largest rapid transit system (in area) by weaving in and out of the past and present transit hubs of lower Manhattan. This unique tour is designed to give a comprehensive history of the NYC Subway system, from its groundbreaking in 1901 up through the creation of the three different proprietary lines which were unified into the system we know today. We’ll uncover information and learn about spaces even the most seasoned commuter might not know about.

This tour will stop in stations that are all open to the public. Using the 6 train as our own ten-car time machine, we will ride through and see abandoned ghost stations that 4, 5, and 6 riders unknowingly pass through everyday.

Underground Tour of the NYC Subway

Sunday, December 31st

Check out our guide of alternative New Year’s Eve activities taking place throughout New York City, or head to these 6 locations to watch dazzling fireworks displays.

Monday, January 1st

America’s very first Virtual Reality Cinema & PlayLab has opened its doors on 180 Orchard Street. Immerse yourself in the world of VR with curated 360 degree films, full immersion games and 3D-body scanning technologies.

The 44th Annual New Year’s Day Poetry Reading Marathon brings together over 140 poets for what is arguably regarded to be the “most inspired ongoing literary event in the city.”

Tuesday, January 2nd

On Tuesdays and Saturdays, the Wave Hill cultural center offers free admission to those who arrive before noon. Head there early and spend the entire day roaming around the 28-acre public garden, which overlooks the Hudson River in the Bronx.

Wednesday, January 3rd

Join a historic walking tour of the CRRNJ Terminal building, where you’ll learn about its architectural features and history. No pre-registration is required to participate!

Thursday, January 4th

Every month, some of NYC’s funniest comedians come together for Open Bark Night, a show presented in a room full of dogs (and dog lovers).

Secret Loft, a DIY venue in Manhattan, is presenting a singer-songwriter showcase, where you’ll hear a few “sweet sets” from local musicians.

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