Lower Manhattan and Battery Park area. Image via Climate Central

On more than a few occasions, we’ve asked the question: what would New York City look like if sea levels drastically rose? In the past, these old maps — which depict a sea level rise of 20 feet and of 100 feet — helped us to imagine such a scenario. Now, a new map created by Climate Central, a nonprofit organization that analyzes and reports on climate science, takes the process of visualization to another level, showing what famous landmarks like New York City’s Battery Park or Washington D.C.’s National Mall might look like completely submerged in water.

Called “Surging Seas Extreme Scenario 2100,” this interactive map can be downloaded as an overlay for Google Earth’s 3D maps, allowing users to zoom in and see renderings of what neighborhoods in the United States would look like if global sea levels were to rise eight feet. As you can imagine, coastal areas, including huge portions of lower Manhattan, would be mostly flooded over.

Image via Climate Central

Chelsea, home to the Chelsea Piers and the High Line, wouldn’t fare so well — and neither would the Untapped offices in the Starrett-LeHigh Building (seen above).

Parts of Chelsea, including the High Line, would be submerged. Image via Climate Central

In addition, New York City’s famous islands, would almost be entirely obliterated:

The Statue of Liberty. Image via Climate Central

Ellis Island. Image via Climate Central

Although shocking, this 3D map is certainly an eye-opener. Seeing familiar places being completely covered by water might just be the visual we need to understand the consequences of climate change and its impact on our day-to-day lives. Learn more about Climate Central here.

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