#bombcyclone @ 10th & 28th, a few blocks from where i use to live #goinghome

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With Winter Storm Grayson — ominously named the Bomb Cyclone — in effect, New York City is now covered in a blanket of white, and being pounded by heavy winds. Due to the extreme conditions, the city is advising everyone to stay indoors and off the roads. Even so, many have already decided to brave the cold (as one can expect a New Yorker to do so).

For those who have chosen to take refuge from the storm, here’s a look at New York City during this snowy Thursday:

This storm makes bomb photos #bombcyclone

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Bracing for the bomb cyclone today…

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❄️Day 4 of 2018:❄️ Awoke in the midst of this “Bomb Cyclone”. Although I think this is a term to envoke excitement, made up specifically for this storm, it is really something amazing and beautiful. Each snow flake is thick and falling faster than an excited two year old with un-tied shoes. All of our obligations for the day have been postponed and our only expectations of ourselves are to remain safe and warm. (And probably to attend a very serious sledding sesh at prospect park) I am so grateful to experience days that start like this❄️ . . . #bombcyclone2018 #bombcyclone #parkslope #2018 #winter #winterinnewyork #brooklyn #mylife2018

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Newest cast member of #Frozen. “Do you want to build a snowman?” ❄️☃️#BombCyclone • • • #tyrannoborisrex #snow #gsd #dogsofinstagram #gsdofinstagram #gsdofig #philly #dogsofphilly #phillydogs

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Next, check out what the NYC subway would look like in a 40 inch snowstorm and the history of snow removal in NYC.

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