Winter has been pretty unforgiving this year, prompting many of us to stay indoors. However, if you find yourself having to venture out into the tundra that is currently New York City, make sure to find a refuge that offers a warm, cozy place to defrost.
Coffee shops are an excellent option, and New York City is full of unique ones that boasts different themes and vibes. Here are a few of our favorites:

10. Spreadhouse Cafe, Lower East Side

Image by Greg Minasian

Spreadhouse is a New York City-based creative agency that specializes in full service film production. Its cafe, bar and event space on the Lower East Side is a physical creative space that feels like a “loft or a garage full of freelancers and people working on screenplays,” according to The Infatuation.

The space itself can only be described as eclectic: there’s a range of seating options, including communal tables, couches, floor cushions and its wildly popular basket swing chairs. Additionally, there are a few design highlights that are worth noting like its t-shirt vending machine, pink neon sign and stack of psychedelic TVs displays.Address: 116 Suffolk St.