1. Ground Central, Midtown East

There’s a reason Ground Central calls itself “the best coffee shop in Midtown East.” It’s not only focused on producing a good brew, but also on coffee culture in general. The Midtown East outpost on 52nd Street is decorated with New York themed murals, created by famed Australian street artist, Heesco. There’s also an extensive collection of vintage rock & roll records and a library lounge in the back, which is truly the best part about this quaint space.

With black leather couches, matching wooden furniture and book shelves filled with reads, the space is truly cultivated as a refuge from the chaos of MidtownAddress: 155 East 52nd St.

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One thought on “10 of NYC’s Coziest Coffee Shops for the Winter

  1. “If you’re in the mood to socialize, the coffee shop also offers conservation cards that you can place on your table to help initiate conversation with other friendly patrons.”

    So the conservation cards conserve conversation?

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