6. Toby’s Estate, Williamsburg

Although there are several Toby’s Estate locations, the original one in Williamsburg is generally the favorite among patrons. That’s because it’s home to the production team that roasts all of the coffee for its cafes and wholesale customers. Customers can actually watch the process unfold or learn about the coffee making process by taking class at the brew school there.

However, the main highlight is the space itself, which is decorated like a modern bookstore. Its bookshelf, which is filled with vintage and reclaimed “Aussie nostalgia” is so famous that Toby’s Estate actually encourages visitors to take a #tobysshelfie” in front of it. Address: 25 N 6th St.

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One thought on “10 of NYC’s Coziest Coffee Shops for the Winter

  1. “If you’re in the mood to socialize, the coffee shop also offers conservation cards that you can place on your table to help initiate conversation with other friendly patrons.”

    So the conservation cards conserve conversation?

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